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Alternative Breaks Scholarship Fund (2921)Select
Alumni Leadership Scholarship Endowment (2300)Select
Arts and Humanities Scholarship Fund (2208)Select
Asian/Pacific-Islander Alumni Council Scholarship (2414)Select
Bay Area Alumni Scholarship Endowment (2326)Select
Ben Maggos Memorial Endowment Fund (3893)Select
Biological Sciences Undergraduate Scholarship Fund (2209)Select
Chancellor's Scholarship Fund (3549)Select
Chancellor’s Research Scholarship (2899)Select
Deb Symmonds Memorial Scholarship Fund (4266)Select
Ellen Brigadier Memorial Scholarship Endowment (3102)Select
Engineering Scholarship Fund (2210)Select
Ernest Mort International Scholarship for Revelle Endowment (3932)Select
Ernest Mort Revelle Student Leadership Endowment Fund (3927)Select
Hispanic Scholarship Council Scholarship Fund (3569)Select
Hugh Bud Mehan Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment (3946)Select
International House Residency Scholarship (3611)Select
Invent the Future Undergraduate Scholarship Fund (1540)Select
Lytle Scholarship Endowment (1549)Select
Marshall College Scholarship Fund (2211)Select
Mary S. and Joseph W. Watson Endowed Scholarship Fund (4620)Select
Military Veteran Scholarship (4674)Select
Muir College Scholarship Fund (2212)Select
Pat Ledden Undergraduate Scholarship (3822)Select
Physical Sciences Scholarship Fund (2213)Select
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